Our Designs

C Street Soaps is an innovative and “out of the box” thinking soap company. We offer a unique line of soaps and we add new designs every month.  Every soap is handmade under our strict quality control process to ensure perfection and high quality.

Our base is 100% All Natural Shea Butter which creates a nice lather and does not “run” while sitting.   We use a collection of essential oils and fragrance oils.  We pride ourselves in creating quality, handmade and innovative soap.  You can purchase our soaps online through our Etsy site by clicking on the View Product link or Build Your Own Soap on our site.

Interested in custom soaps? Go to our Custom Soap Page.  Dream Big!


  • Salmon Soap

    Salmon Soap. Made from 100% Shea Butter and a fresh scent called Cactus Flower.  Celebrate the Pacific NW. Size: 2.1 oz

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  • Orca Whale Soap

    Orca Whale Soap.  Made with an amazing fresh scent called Cactus Flower. Celebrate  Washington! 100% Natural Shea Butter. Size: 2oz

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  • Tug Boat Soap: Blue 2-Pack

    Tug Boat Soap Pack. Ocean  Rain Scent.  Great detail on this one, especially on the anchor.  Nice addition to our water themed line.  Size: 1.7 oz.

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  • Turtle Soap

    As part of our continuing line of "animals" we have added this great looking turtle. Lemongrass. Turtle has a great little smile.  Size: 2.5oz

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  • Owl Soap

    Our Midnight Owl soap is part of our ongoing land animal line of soaps. We added the best selling Lavender essential oil to compliment the theme. Shea Butter. Size: 3oz.

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  • Alligator Soap

    Our Green Tea/Cucumber scented Alligator soap is a one of kind. Made from 100% All Natural Shea Butter and Green Tea/Cucumber.  Kids will love it. Size: 4oz.

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  • Orange Smiley Face Soap

    Orange Happy Face Soap.  Made from 100% All Natural Shea Butter and Orange essential oil. If you are an orange lover, this is your soap. Each Size: 3oz.

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  • Windmill Set Aloe Vera

    The Windmill Multi-Pack comes with Green: Cucumber/Green Tea. Light Blue: Ocean Rain. Purple: Lavender. Creamy Yellow: Cherry Blossom.  Size: 6 oz.

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  • Submarine Soap

    Yellow Submarine Soap with our Lemon Citrus scent. Such a great design and will be a hit with kids a great fun in the bathtub. Size: 2.5oz  

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  • Butterfly Soap

    Our Lemon Citrus Butterfly Soap is a great show piece and fun to encourage kids to wash.  Also comes in Ocean Rain scent. Size: 2.2oz.

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  • Whale Soap

    Whale Soap with the slight fragrance of Ocean Rain. Great kids soap. Great compliment to our Dolphin shaped soap. Size: 1.75oz  

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  • Tractor Soap

    Tractor Soap. Lemongrass with poppy seeds to provide a more real look of being out on the farm.   Stands up perfectly as well.  Size: 2.3oz.  

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  • Dolphin Soap

    The Blue Dolphin Soap is part of our "ocean" themed soap line with the smell of Ocean Rain. Great for decorating and encouraging kids to wash.  Size: 2oz.  

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